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      Before you think of bariatric surgery,

                        Think of a Diet Shake!


“Diet Shakes” are a good option for those who want a simple approach to weight loss, and who do not wish to have to think about planning or preparing meals. Plenty of dieters would rather drink a chocolate shake for breakfast than eat a bowl of porridge! “Diet Shakes” work for those who prefer to eat foods that are already calorie and portion controlled for them. “Diet Shakes” limit choices and temptations.

Numerous research studies show that this can be a healthy option that helps the dieter lose and maintain the lost weight.

Some of the many benefits of “Diet Shakes” include: convenience, a pre-measured amount of food with a known calorie level, ease of transport, no clean-up, simple preparation, reduced contact with calorie-dense foods, less decision-making, easy to use, provide reasonable nutrition, no weighing, measuring or calorie counting, good taste, keeps one full, offers an easy, structured plan.

*Use once or twice a day together with a meal or two of regular foods, as advised by a professional nutritionist or dietitian.

*Recommend addition of a daily multivitamin-mineral supplement while dieting with Diet Shakes.

*Before starting a reduced calorie diet including a Diet Shake, it is recommended to consult one’s physician about the weight loss plan, especially if you have existing health problems.

Diet Shakes should be used as a part of a total lifestyle improvement program, including proper nutrition, exercise, and improvement of eating behavior.


      HEALTH AND WEIGHT                         SEMINARS


               10 SESSIONS – 7.5 HOURS

 This course provides you with essential and important foundations in health and weight management. You will learn how to lose weight and avoid regaining in the future. What makes our approach outstanding is our experience in identifying the root causes of your weight gain, unlike most weight management programs which provide a routine diet plan..  Our holistic approach, including both spiritual and physical aspects of eating and of eating behavior, is unique in that we work together with you to determine a comfortable plan, improving lifestyle habits gradually for long-term success.

Topics include emphasis on positive thinking and improving attitudes for weight loss, discussions on nutrients and  proper nutrition, modification of eating behavior, importance of exercise, imaging and self-image, relaxation techniques and more.

       For details, see the CLINICAL page: Available as PRIVATE CONSULTATION  or  GROUP SESSIONS (separate for men and women)


Before you think of baatric surgery….

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Our Patients Say

Sovah Shake helped me greatly in relation to hunger. I did not have to eat large amounts, as it was very satisfying. It has a great taste!

 Simply excellent! I was satisfied for 6 hours. I lost 16.5 pounds in 6 weeks. And, the flavor of Sovah Shake is wonderful.

I succeeded in losing 14 kilo from my weight and, Boruch Hashem, my blood tests (cholesterol, liver fat, and rise of sugar level) all improved and are now completely normal!