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Yaakov Levinson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in biology from Hamilton College, Clinton, New York (1974) and a Master’s degree (M.S.) in clinical nutrition from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (1976.) He has been a member of the American Dietetic Association. As a nutritionist at Memorial Hospital, Albany, New York, he published a hospital manual of clinical nutrition. Upon his arrival to Israel in 1978, he became Director of the Nutrition Department in the Rivka Ziv Hospital in Tzefat. During those five years, he also taught dietetic interns from the Hebrew University of Rechovot and lectured both to hospital physicians and students at the Tzefat School of Nursing.

Since moving to Jerusalem in 1983, he has worked as nutritionist of the Surgery A and Orthopedic Departments at Hadassah hospital, Ein Karem, nutritionist for the Radiology Department of the Sharett Cancer Institute at Hadassah, the head dietitian at Hadassah Hospital, Mt. Scopus, and nutrition consultant at the Neveh Simcha Geriatric Hospital and other nursing homes. In addition, to date, he has been a busy consultant at several of the HMO’s in Israel – the Kupot Cholim.

Levinson presented original research at the 12th International Congress of Dietetics in Manila, Philippines (1996) and at the 13th International Congress of Dietetics in Edinburgh, Scotland (2000) as well as at several national medical conferences in Israel. He  published two breakthrough research studies in prestigious U.S. medical journals on a nutritional formula which he has designed and used successfully in geriatric patients. The formulas based on these studies are currently marketed as “Halvah Shake Products” by Hadassa Bymel – Pharmacy and Nature, Ltd., Tirat Carmel, Israel.

He wrote “The Jewish Guide to Natural Nutrition,” an introductory guide for the general public (Feldheim Publishers, 1995.) His second book, “Jewish Natural Nutrition… with Kabbalistic Insights”  (Helm Publishing, 2011) was combined with tests as a course for continuing registration in the American Dietetic Association. He has written many newspaper and magazine articles, book chapters, and audio recordings. He has repeatedly spoken on radio as a major nutrition authority in Israel.

Levinson was the Israeli representative in the American Dietetic Association’s marketing textbook, “The Competitive Edge.” He is currently a member of the Israel Society of Clinical Nutrition, ESPEN -European Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, and ATID – Israel Dietetic Association.

A Torah-observant Jew, Yaakov Levinson has studied at both Hassidic and Lithuanian Torah Academies in Brooklyn, Tzefat, and Jerusalem.


“Hakol Kol Yaakov” “The Voice, Voice of Yaakov”



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Anyone who has ever been to you spoke so highly about you, The Frum Nutritionist, a Tzadik of a person, knows the human body inside out, helps all ages, understands human psyche….

You guided me, encouraged me that it’s doable with proper dieting without medication, and Baruch Hashem, within a few short weeks, following your instructions and recomendations, my cholesterol fell incredibly into the range in which medication is unnecessary. The difference is, I felt that you really care….