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Translation from Hebrew
9 Aug 1988 Yaakov Levinson was employed as nutrition consultant in our department of surgery.
It was a pleasure to work with him. He gave us professional service on the highest level, and we
regret that he is leaving us and wish him success in his new position.

Professor Tzvi Iyal, Director of Surgery A, Hadassah Medical Organization, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, Israel

10 Aug 1988 … Yaakov Levinson showed greatness in his work, dedication to the patients, and great knowledge.
He showed ability to improve the nutritional status of severely ill patients in our department.

Professor Tzvi Gimon, Surgery A, Hadassah Medical Organization, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, Israel 


17 May 1990 Yaakov Levinson was employed at Hadassah Mount Scopus … as head of our dietary department (head dietetic advisor). He fulfilled his position in a good manner on a high professional level. He showed a good relationship with the hospital staff and fulfilled his position in full, with the administration and the patients.

Dr. Tzvi Stern, Director, Hadassah Medical Organization, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel 


18 Dec1989 As a highly qualified, professional geriatric nutrition consultant, Yaakov Levinson has helped us to greatly improve the medical condition of our critically ill patients and to extend their lives. The general nutritional status of our other patients, as well, has been greatly improved through his expert and practical innovations.
His advice has brought great economic savings to our institution on a regular basis without compromising the health of our patients.

Dr. Tzvi Dwolatsky, Medical Director, Neve Simcha Geriatric Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel (presently Professor and Director of Gerontology, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel) 

3 August 1983 … his work as Head Nutritionist (Dietitian) was to our satisfaction and was on a superb professional level.

Naim Hamiri, Administrative Director, Rivka Ziv Medical Center, Zefat, Israel




21 May 2018 Translated from Hebrew
My late husband, Benjamin, fell ill with Lung cancer three years ago. During the course of the illness, his appetite was impaired, resulting in appetite and weight loss. He claimed that food caused him breathing difficulty. We attempted to give him [a standard nutritional formula] with various flavor variations, however he refused due to their offensive fragrance and taste. The formula caused vomiting and not good feelings.
Blood tests showed decline in protein and iron. His hemoglobin went down. His general physical and emotional state declined. The family experienced at a loss of what to do and worry from his condition.
At this time we encountered Yaakov Levinson, a nutritionist from a national health service. We spoke with him, and he visited us several times. He suggested we try “Halva Shake” (a product which he personally developed and tested with published research studies in prestigious medical journals). I wish to point out, that from the first week of using this formulation, the nausea and vomiting subsided. He loved the delicate texture and the taste, and there were no accompanying odors. For six months he drank several servings daily of “Halva Shake”, refusing all other food (not officially recommended for sole nutrition support).
Even during hospitalization at Hadassah he took “Halva Shake”.
The blood values improved, protein levels went up, as well as iron and hemoglobin. There was great improvement
in his pressure sores… with surprising closure of these pressure sores.
We merited that my husband’s life was extended another six months from beginning of the Halva Shake.
Our thanks to Yaakov Levinson, who was very dedicated and optimistic, and he assisted us whenever we turned to him. We fully recommend that ill persons should use “Halva Shake”.
With blessings, Hana Rosenthal, Jerusalem, Israel